iPhone unboxed

Well, there is this tradition of putting up unboxing pictures of any and all Apple products on the web for others to see. It's with great excitement that the public views the step-by-step process. After all, how many of us can afford to buy every Apple product that's getting out of Cupertino?

So this would come as a surprise to everyone. Not even a week since the historic iPhone unveiling and here is this site already showing off the unboxing pictures.

Go take a look. Complete with Amazon two-day delivery, the usual step-by-step images you would expect, comparison with other smartphones. Soooooo cooool. And hilarious. What's amazing is this guy didn't even bother to mask the adhesive tapes. Genius.

But ok, not everyone has a great sense of humour, so follow this link at your own risk.


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 Shashwat Parhi
17 Jan, 01:30 PM