How the vision is realised

Ok, we can go on and on about how the design process is as crucial to the success of a project as client input and content. But it's true, without a solid action-plan, even the most brilliant ideas never get to see the light of day.

After several attempts at a suitable model to follow in our development projects, we finally struck on this 5 step process.

Investigation and Exploration

This is where we sit with you to develop an understanding of your requirements. We help you formulate your objectives and also define the scope of the project. These initial discussions are crucial to the success of the entire project. After studying your requirements, we present you with a project proposal.

Developing Site Structure

Based on what we learn and discuss in the first phase, we create a bare-bones prototype website, that implements as much of the functionality and content as possible. The prototype site is to be understood like the blueprint of a building: it doesn't have any design elements in place. This facilitates both parties to visualise the site and fill in any missing details such as structure, text, photographs etc.

Visual Design

This is really where the creative juices start to flow. We explore various design directions for your review. On approval of the basic design direction, we create a complete design template which will be used later to make the actual web pages for your final site.

Implementation of Final Site

In this step, the prototype site is transformed into the final website, using the graphics templates created by our designer. We setup a staging area on our server where you can see how your project is progressing.

Launch & Beyond

We submit the final site content files to you, upload the site to your live server. If you require, we can also create design and production guidelines if you would like to maintain the site from here on.