What we do

Web Development

crossroad has the talent to support every phase of a web development project. We like working with open-source and widely used technologies such as PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript and AJAX. While we can work with other designers and programmers, we really gel as a team. We therefore prefer to take up a project from the beginning and see it through completion.

Internet Marketing

As satisfying as it is to build an elegant website, if nobody sees it, we've failed in our primary purpose: marketing your business. To prevent this, we consult with a search engine optimization (SEO) expert throughout your project, and take pains to design the site such that it has the potential to appear in search results on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other major search engines.

You may also request a proposal for more advanced marketing services. Our expert has over 7 years of internet marketing experience. He can assist you in finding the best balance between free and paid services depending on the size of your organisation, budget and timeframe.

Identity Design

If you have a strong brand we will help you carry that over to your website project. On the other hand we can also assist in creating an identity for you, including logo design and any other collateral you may need. The website then has a unified theme that reinforces your brand image rather than work against it.