iPhone. Is this what the world was expecting?

I sat up till 12.30am liast night following the live blogging from macrumourslive.com. I joined in late but didn't want to spoil the fun so started reading from bottom up.

"We are all born with the ultimate pointing device -- our fingers -- and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse."

It's an iPod, a phone and a Mac OS X device with a touch sensitve screen that fits in the palm of your hand.

It seems Steve Jobs wasn't as excited about even the original Mac as he has been about the iPhone. Yes, Apple is going to call it that, inspite of Linksys owning the name. It's taken 2.5 years in the making and the project was almost scrapped several times during these years because it wasn't simple enough to use according to SJ.

So, is this what you were waiting for? :)

You can read more about it at AppleInsider

Pictures of iPhone Software
Pictures of iPhone Hardware

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 Shashwat Parhi
10 Jan, 12:00 AM