From the makers of "Units", comes the endearing puzzle game, Tactile. While the game needs no introduction, Tactile has a few twists that leverage the fluid iPhone user interface in several enjoyable ways.

It comes preloaded with images so you can get started immediately. Rotate your device to browse through a list of your saved puzzles. Use a photo from your own library or better yet, why not shoot a fleeting picture of your friends and loved ones. You can edit the image right within Tactile and use that as a new puzzle. Tactile shows you the time you spent solving a puzzle and how many moves you took to solve it. It even remembers where you left off in a game including how many moves you've already done and how much time has elapsed. So quit Tactile when you want, knowing you can always return later to finish a puzzle.

For those not familiar with the game, Tactile consists of 15 tiles that you slide around to put them in order. Originally consisting of 15 numbered squares, Tactile instead uses diced images that you attempt to place in order, making it a lot more challenging. But for those times when you need some assistance, Tactile lets you quickly see the number for each tile.