Meet the Team

Anand Patel
A typical case of someone working in a corporate and looking for something less 'process'ing :) .. and with loads of time kept aside for living on the edge.
So until he finds his edge he working the development end of the team.
Arpan Dhandhania
If you can remember how it feels to be freshly out of college, then you would know exactly what he is going through.

Currently, he is trying to find an answer to the classic question: "what do I want to do with my life". And until he finds a satisfying answer, he is doing development work for the team.
Kapil Singhal
Kapil is our interface expert. He was thrilled to learn that there was even a term specifically coined for what he does. It's called User Experience Design.

Actually, this has all of us so confused that we let him drool in peace in front of his latest toy, a Core 2 Duo Macbook. But he is so busy evangelising it to anyone in earshot, that we wonder if he has any time left in the day to get any work done at all.
Nitya Ramchandran
Nitya is a classic east-west-hybrid basket case who's got Indian roots and grew up in Europe.

She has unfortunately been (mis-)lead to believe that Pondicherry might be a reasonably forgiving place to indulge her madness. And is totally loving it. (Nitya is loving it, not Pondy).

She's completely potty about anything beautiful and uses every possible medium she can lay her hands on to create. So far, her tools have been paints, a camera and a very patient Powerbook G4.

Her creative toolbox is currently undergoing expansion in multiple directions. Clay, words and the voice being some of them.

Nitya's other interests include music, film, yoga, psychotherapy and vegansim.

Lastly and most importantly, the centre of her life is her delightful 5 year old daughter.
Shashwat Parhi
Shashwat handles Project Management and lead development roles. He has a background in Physics and Computer Science. Actually, that's what he tells everyone...

He loves Indian and Western classical music, has an avid interest in photography. He lives, breathes and eats Mac.

And oh, he tries to go running every day with his fancy Nike+iPod kit. So far he hasn't managed 2 days in a row.