LooseStitch 2.5 roll out in a few hours

Hope all of you had a great weekend. And with Summer officially over in less than 48 hours, things must be heating up, in other ways.

Well, we’ve been busy bringing in a whole slew of new features. Ok, most of these will really benefit Pro users. But, who knows, this might tempt the rest of you to sign up as well.

First of all, please don’t get scared by things looking a little less familiar. We’ve shuffled menu items around and hopefully you will find the new navigation system a lot easier to deal with. I was kind of attached to the existing interface, not so much because it has been with us since we launched LooseStitch a couple of years. Nor even because everyone who has posted a screenshot of LooseStitch will now have to repost it. But simply because, it made a heck of a lot of sense. Only 4 tabs across the top for each type of action you wanted to do with your outline: Create, Invite, Share or change Settings.

existing app navigation

old application navigation

However, with the introduction of LooseStitch Pro, outlines are only one kind of object you will be dealing with. There are also those file attachments, and new to LooseStitch 2.5, contacts and tasks.

Yes, now you can manage all your LooseStitch Contacts from one single window. As LooseStitch learns about your collaborators, it helps you work with them even better. Now, you can assign specific row items as tasks for others in your team. And you can even manage Tasks from it’s own window.

LooseStitch has grown from a simple shareable online outlining tool, to a more powerful collaborative workflow environment. It’s still free for a lot of users. And of course, Pro users get some really cool features in this upgrade.

new navigation in LooseStitch 2.5

new navigation in LooseStitch 2.5

Go check it out once it is out. And as always, let us know what you think.

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