LooseStitch Pro off to a good start

We just got a note from the folks over at Online College Blog that they have included LooseStitch in their list of 100 Powerful Web Tools to Organize Your Thoughts and Ideas, an article they posted on their site. To quote their introduction:

“Whether you are a busy executive, a single parent, a freelancer working from home, a student, or a combination of these, you have probably found yourself needing help when it comes to organizing all your thoughts and ideas that occur throughout your busy day. Now you can turn to these tools found on the Internet that will help you with tasks such as note-taking, bookmarking websites, highlighting important text during online research, creating mind maps, tracking time, keeping up with appointments, collaborating with others, managing projects, and much more.”

You can find LooseStitch along with other Collaborative tools.

Kelly, thanks for including LooseStitch in your list of other great online tools for colleges and students. We really appreciate it.

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