Aperture 3. Finally.

I have been using Aperture ever since it came out, like 5 years ago. Loved the update to 2.0. But had lots of gripes about Aperture in general. Certainly not enough to make me want to switch to LightRoom. Still, with no support for Canon sRAW files, a really limited slideshow module, Dodge and Burn as destructive adjustments, no localized adjustments, there was a lot to be desired.

Well, it seems Apple has been listening really hard to all of our demands and has definitely taken it’s time to update Aperture for all of us. But here it is. Looks like they have resolved most of my gripes at least. And with the new Faces, Places features, importing of audio and video files… I am ordering my copy right away, while downloading the trial version.

Here is a really nice article by David Schloss, of Aperture Users Network.

This one must be my favorite feature addition:

Finally, you can do continous zooming from 25% to 1000%, not just a zoom on/off by way of the Z keyboard shorcut.

Finally, you can do continous zooming from 25% to 1000%, not just a zoom on/off by way of the Z keyboard shorcut.

Be sure to read the comments. And for a more in-depth feature by feature coverage, read Apple’s own site for the 200+ new features.

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by Shashwat Parhi @ 12 Feb 2010, 05:01 PM

LooseStitch 2.5 roll out in a few hours

Hope all of you had a great weekend. And with Summer officially over in less than 48 hours, things must be heating up, in other ways.

Well, we’ve been busy bringing in a whole slew of new features. Ok, most of these will really benefit Pro users. But, who knows, this might tempt the rest of you to sign up as well.

First of all, please don’t get scared by things looking a little less familiar. We’ve shuffled menu items around and hopefully you will find the new navigation system a lot easier to deal with. I was kind of attached to the existing interface, not so much because it has been with us since we launched LooseStitch a couple of years. Nor even because everyone who has posted a screenshot of LooseStitch will now have to repost it. But simply because, it made a heck of a lot of sense. Only 4 tabs across the top for each type of action you wanted to do with your outline: Create, Invite, Share or change Settings.

existing app navigation

old application navigation

However, with the introduction of LooseStitch Pro, outlines are only one kind of object you will be dealing with. There are also those file attachments, and new to LooseStitch 2.5, contacts and tasks.

Yes, now you can manage all your LooseStitch Contacts from one single window. As LooseStitch learns about your collaborators, it helps you work with them even better. Now, you can assign specific row items as tasks for others in your team. And you can even manage Tasks from it’s own window.

LooseStitch has grown from a simple shareable online outlining tool, to a more powerful collaborative workflow environment. It’s still free for a lot of users. And of course, Pro users get some really cool features in this upgrade.

new navigation in LooseStitch 2.5

new navigation in LooseStitch 2.5

Go check it out once it is out. And as always, let us know what you think.

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by Shashwat Parhi @ 20 Sep 2009, 11:30 PM

Another nice review of LooseStitch

We would really like to thank all our users for your wonderful and balanced reviews, for taking the time to blog about LooseStitch so that new users can benefit.

Here’s one more.

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by Shashwat Parhi @ 16 Sep 2009, 09:25 AM

Great Review of LooseStitch

Just came across a really great, independent review of LooseStitch at AppVita. For those of you wondering what LooseStitch does, or how you might find it useful, please go over and read it for yourself. Better than I could have said it myself.


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by Shashwat Parhi @ 5 Mar 2009, 05:32 PM

We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence

I came across this project online, which though morbid by title, is actually a very interesting concept. Simon Hoegsberg shot 178 portraits in 20 days, from the exact same place on a railroad bridge in Berlin and stitched them together into a 100m piece of work.

What I really like about these shots is the unaware body-language of the subjects, and also how the background is completely overexposed, abstracting the shots completely from context and location. Except maybe for a plane taking off at some point.

take a look. Would love to do this kind of project. :-)

We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence

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by Shashwat Parhi @ 14 Feb 2009, 09:34 AM

LooseStitch around the web

It feels nice when others like what you do. We are no different. Here are some links that have featured LooseStitch on their websites/blogs. A big thank you to all of you who have featured LooseStitch on your sites. You, dear readers, please check out LooseStitch and tell us what you think…

18 Great Online Flowchart Tools & Mind Mapping Tools

20 web-based business collaboration tools that lets make you breathless

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by Shashwat Parhi @ 13 Feb 2009, 09:59 AM

LooseStitch Pro off to a good start

We just got a note from the folks over at Online College Blog that they have included LooseStitch in their list of 100 Powerful Web Tools to Organize Your Thoughts and Ideas, an article they posted on their site. To quote their introduction:

“Whether you are a busy executive, a single parent, a freelancer working from home, a student, or a combination of these, you have probably found yourself needing help when it comes to organizing all your thoughts and ideas that occur throughout your busy day. Now you can turn to these tools found on the Internet that will help you with tasks such as note-taking, bookmarking websites, highlighting important text during online research, creating mind maps, tracking time, keeping up with appointments, collaborating with others, managing projects, and much more.”

You can find LooseStitch along with other Collaborative tools.

Kelly, thanks for including LooseStitch in your list of other great online tools for colleges and students. We really appreciate it.

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by Shashwat Parhi @ 4 Feb 2009, 01:51 AM

LooseStitch Pro now Live!!!


thanks for your patience. It has taken us a lot longer than we expected. But what is happiness without expectations, I say! Yes, LooseStitch Pro is now ready.

For those of you who have never heard of LooseStitch before (seriously, you don’t know what is LooseStitch?!?!), it’s like the best outliner on the web. Don’t just take my word for it. Find out for yourself. And best of all, it is free. LooseStitch Pro is a subscription service that gives you a lot more functionality, for as little as $2 a month.

Go check it out. New features. New possibilities. A lot easier to use. And of course a lot more fun.


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by Shashwat Parhi @ 3 Feb 2009, 05:59 PM